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Cooks, Servers, Hosts

Fargo, ND 58103
Chili's Grill and Bar

Job Description

Chili’s in Fargo is now hiring for the following positions!

We pride ourselves on hiring the best people in the business. If you want long-term growth in the restaurant business, this is the place for you. Or maybe we’ll just be a pit-stop on your path to glory as a ballerina, alligator wrestler, TV chef or nuclear physicist. Either way, we’ll help you make some money and be really proud when you hit the big time.


Starting from $13-$15 per hour.  One FREE meal every shift you work. 

One reason we reinvented ourselves was to make our great food – and our cooks – even better. The new kitchens are inspiring all kinds of fresh ideas that make your job more fun. Our cooks know how to bring order to chaos and awesome to the table, with the level of “OMG, so yummy” that our Guests expect. We don’t screw around when it comes to our food or your future. And that’s a tasty combination. #TooHotToHandle


Great Tips and awesome hours!

You bring a lot to the table. Not just fajitas and margaritas, but charm, personality and an irresistible smile. After all, our Guests aren’t just hungry for great food. They crave the warmth, fun, and attitude they’ve come to know, love and expect from us. And that’s where you come in – creating our one-of-a-kind experience. #MyNameIsWow


Starting at $11 per hour. 

Do your three favorite things in life consist of people, people and more people? Then you belong here on our welcoming committee. Get ready to provide warm smiles, great dining experiences and heartfelt thanks our Guests want and deserve. And, oh yeah, have a great time while you’re doing it. #LetsGetThisPartySeated

Other Information

Restaurant-Food-Cook, Customer Service
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